“SoundCare’s patient
education helps us
communicate that we
can achieve the types
of outcomes we aspire
to when reviewed by an
outside eye.”
Joyce Brancato,

'soundCare educates about the differences in the quality of care among hospitals and solidifies our position as an important health resource for our community."
Dorothy Pernu,
Director of Marketing & Public Relations



HMA Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center
HMA Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center
Communicates Quality and Outcomes using SoundCare®

Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center, Crystal River, Florida, is a 128-bed HMA acute care facility and community of outreach centers. Committed to delivering quality patient-centered care daily, Seven Rivers" pledge to its community includes real-time communications and health education provided by Vericom's SoundCare on-hold and in-queue communications solution.
Delivering outcomes information

Seven Rivers has distinguished itself from the competition by participating in quality programs from national organizations in coronary artery disease, heart failure, and stroke and by earning American Heart Association awards for excellent outcomes for patients with coronary artery disease. SoundCare helps consumers understand what these awards mean about the quality of care they receive at Seven Rivers.

"People choose Seven Rivers based on our quality outcomes," says Joyce Brancato, CEO. 'soundCare gets the word out about our outcomes and our excellent care."

Seven Rivers" exceptional outcomes stem from qualified physicians and nurses who concurrently review patient medical records to ensure they are receiving appropriate medications and education. 'soundCare's patient education communicates that we adhere to necessary guidelines so we can achieve the types of outcomes we aspire to when reviewed by an outside eye," adds Brancato.

Seven Rivers positions itself as a total health resource and not just a place for people to go when they are sick. 'soundCare's health education messages help people learn more about prevention and wellness and position us as a solid health resource in the minds of our community," adds Pernu.

Providing cutting edge technology such as digital mammography is a key quality initiative for Seven Rivers. "We always put a call to action tag on our SoundCare message for our imaging services, so we can not only promote this powerful mammography unit but also educate women about breast cancer on the spot when they call in," says Pernu.
Communicating quality to all audiences

Seven Rivers" culture of care is embodied in a dedicated team that works daily as a professional family to make a difference in the lives of their community.

Attentiveness to high quality care is reflected in a nursing culture that focuses on having the tools and equipment nurses need to provide high quality patient care, including patient education tools. 'soundCare is vital in educating the community that there are differences in the level of quality of care among hospitals," says Dorothy Pernu, Director of Marketing & Public Relations.
Reinforcing messages prompts action

SoundCare communicates important messages and encourages callers to take appropriate action. SoundCare can promote a technology, program, or service in different ways time and again. "A newspaper will only print an article one time. SoundCare communicates our achievements, outcomes, and quality initiatives as often as we deem necessary and does so cost-effectively," says Pernu.

Communicating outcomes and quality to diverse audiences in such a way that people understand the information and take action is not always easy. 'soundCare breaks through the misinformation and gives valid and credible information," adds Pernu. 'soundCare's message continuity and reminders offer Seven Rivers unparalleled health education and marketing benefits."
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